Asbestos is a concern for building owners, property managers, contractors, and employees alike. A solid asbestos program will not only ensure worker protection, but can also save significant time and expense. G3 can manage the environmental hazards while you go back to work.
Our turnkey approach would start with the initial planning, identification of materials, and development of a scope of work. We then develop the asbestos abatement project design, specifications, and bid documents, to manage and review the bid process. While the asbestos abatement is being carried out, we provide project oversight and air monitoring. To finish the project, we perform clearance testing and awareness training for your staff and provide you with documentation and assurance that the project met all regulatory compliance.
All work is performed by certified and experienced personnel using only accredited laboratories. G3 staff maintains technical and professional certifications such as NIOSH 582, including multi-state licensing for Asbestos Inspectors, Project Designers, Asbestos Abatement Supervisors, and Project Monitors.