The key for managing asbestos in place starts with the identification of the hazards, followed by development of an Operations and Maintenance Plan, which is the main tool for ensuring the proper management of the asbestos in your building. In addition, asbestos awareness training gives employees a thorough grounding in the basic facts about asbestos.

Key Operations and Maintenance Plan elements include:

  • Comprehensive Asbestos Survey
  • Written procedures for working safely on or around asbestos
  • Hazard notification of building occupants and contractors working in the building
  • Emergency response procedures and contacts.
  • Warning sign postings

Key awareness training elements include:

  • What is asbestos and what are its dangers
  • How to identify suspected and known materials in your facility that contain asbestos
  • How to respond to asbestos emergencies
  • Recognition of asbestos hazards
  • How to prevent exposure to yourself and building¬†occupants
  • Open discussions to answer questions or concerns