The G3 Team offers expert emergency response and recovery services that help our clients minimize damage and disruption following all types of disasters to restore their businesses safely, cost-effectively and within a prescribed schedule.

Our services include:

Rapid response to hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or manmade catastrophes, including damage triage, assessment of structural damage, and development of appropriate repair options

Technical oversight and management of catastrophe response planning, investigation and quality control audit of engineering services

Development of investigative protocols to ensure accurate and consistent investigations during catastrophe response.  Our expertise and quick action help ensure that our clients suffer the least possible damage as the result of a catastrophe. With a national network of partners, we can immediately dispatch teams that can range from 10 workers to thousands, depending on the scale of the emergency.  The G3 Team has decades of unmatched experience with all types of industries and challenges, and works with the best equipment and technology to clean up the premises following a disaster.  Keeping the priority of responding and assessing the concerns quickly, protecting employees and clients, while minimizing business interruption.

G3 has the experience, qualified personnel, and a team of companies to quickly respond to disaster scenes.  G3 and our teaming companies have addressed the following situations:

  • Hurricanes / Flooding
  • Earthquakes
  • Terrorist Attacks (including anthrax)
  • Mudslides
  • Trauma / Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Extended Power Outages
  • Fires
  • #2 Oil Spills / Waterway Pollution
  • Tornados
  • Catastrophic Tank Failures
  • Mercury Spills / Contamination
  • Caustic Chemical Spills

In fact,  one of our remediation response teaming partners was the first contractor to arrive for the 9/11 World Trade Center forensic recovery effort, and were the last to leave the scene about nine months later. Their personnel worked closely with the NYC Police, FBI, and CIA under stringent security protocols with respect to personnel and processes. The work was also monitored closely by OSHA and the EPA.

The G3 Team has extensive, redundant resources to perform large-scale, extended-schedule projects. We are able to sustain performance of disaster recovery services for an extended period of time, or as long as needed.