The issue of lead in construction continues to be of concern on renovation and demolition job sites. A host of agencies with well-known acronyms (e.g., EPA, OSHA, HUD, NIOSH), as well as state and local groups, have set rigorous standards for lead-based paint and lead exposure.
G3 Group works with clients to identify potential lead hazards and develop a plan to ensure worker protection and regulatory compliance. All work is performed by experienced personnel using only accredited laboratories.
Our goal is to help you understand and manage any lead issues from start to finish. The typical services we provide include:
  • Interior and exterior surface sampling to determine the general distribution of lead-based paints on surfaces or equipment
  • Exposure assessments
  • Air monitoring for the presence of lead during construction to provide baselines for worker protection
  • TCLP sampling of waste debris of construction sites that correctly reflects the waste stream and the potential for leachable lead in the landfill