In addition to identifying locations of lead paint, abatement design and project management/monitoring, G3 can assist with the following:
Worker Exposure Assessments:

For those projects when lead paint will need to be impacted, G3 can assist clients  in identifying the potential for elevated lead exposures during the course of activities:

  • Determining levels of lead in the paint
  • Discuss the details of the activities that will be disturbing the paint (demo, installing fixtures, installing suspended ceiling hangers, etc.)
  • Identify techniques, engineering controls and PPE that can be used to reduce the potential for exposure and contamination
  • Conduct air monitoring of workers during at the begining the activities in order establish exposure levels
  • Address any modifications of the tecniques, engineering controls and PPE based on the results of the monitoring
  • Provide a written Exposure Assessment that can be used as guidance for the project, as well as future projects, assuming the project parameters are the same

Lead Awareness Training:

G3′s experienced personnel have the practical experience needed to provide comprehensive awareness training.  We will work with you to address any site specific items as part of the curriculum.  The general elements cover:

  • Defining lead-based paint
  • The dangers of lead exposure
  • How to prevent exposure to yourself and building occupants
  • Open discussions to answer questions or concerns