Employers, building owners and operators face a common and complex challenge: maintaining a comfortable and healthy workplace environment for all personnel. Whether founded or not, complaints are often made to regulatory agencies, and the result can be time consuming and costly for the employer or building owner.

G3 Group can assist you in all stages of assessment, whether proactive or reactive.  Ideally, we would like to help your organization through proactive steps that greatly reduce workplace incidents.  Intentional steps taken to improve indoor environmental quality, worker protection and safety can pay dividends in the long term, through reduced employee complaints and workplace incidents.

Indoor Environmental Quality:

A typical worker spends a large part of their waking hours in their place of employment.  It is important that the various guidelines and standards for indoor environmental quality are adhered to.  Workplace issues such as the use of air conditioning, low ventilation rate, high worker density and job stress or dissatisfaction can lead to complaints of chronic illness, headaches, dizziness and fatigue.  There may be nothing wrong with the indoor environment, but the perception of indoor environmental issues can often lead to complaints.

Worker Protection:

Do your workers have the appropriate personal protective equipment available to them for the tasks they perform?  Do your workers have the training necessary to use the PPE correctly?  Does the PPE fit your workers properly so that the level of protection that the equipment is designed to provide is being achieved?